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A metal roof must keep us dry, warm, so we shouldn’t skimp on it. Also, we must remember that replacing a roof can be incredibly expensive, so it is best to complete the roofing the first time around.  For commercial buildings like hospitals, hotels, etc., Metal roofing is one of the most popular commercial roof choices today. Your metal roofing system is one of the most significant elements of your building’s exterior, so you need to choose a material that satisfies your peace of mind.

Metal roofing systems are used on a variety of commercial buildings and residential homes. This includes schools, church, office building, industrial building, farm, casino, Fitness center, and more. And when appropriately installed, metal roofs can offer decades of long-term performance. So, if you seek the best quality product within your budget, you have landed at the right place. This guide is for you.

Types of commercial metal roofs

There are several kinds of commercial metal roofing alternatives that you can choose from. There is:

  • Standing Seam Metal
  • Corrugated U or R Panel
  • Snap Lock

What makes a Metal roof good for you? 

Our company, Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors, has been working hard to ensure that our commercial and residential customers get a roofing system that will last its intended lifespan. Our company installs only the best metal roofing systems from the nation’s top manufacturers. 

So, if you are choosing us, you need not worry. Our professionals will assist in all possible ways. The best benefit of metal roofing is that it impacts the building’s performance by providing longevity, durability, and sustainability. These benefits outweigh the performance of traditional shingles.

Excellent durability: Metal roofs hold up to daily wear and tear that a building experiences better than any other material. Metal roofs are tested and proven to overcome extreme conditions.

Versatility and design flexibility: If you are looking for a variety of colors to choose from for your roof, metals cannot be beaten. Also, metal can be shaped in a variety of different ways; it opens up a whole new World of roof design and penetration options. With a metal roofing structure, you have much more versatility than you may think. Contact us to choose your favorite roofing.

Ideal construction material: Most common commercial metal roofing materials are steel and aluminum. This provides strength, style, and performs best in all ways. Aluminum and steel are usually zinc-coated, which makes them pretty resistant to rust and corrosion. Metal is also the best choice for energy equipment like solar panels to a roof, enabling the business to flourish. PV systems can be easily installed on a metal roofing system penetration-free, providing in high performance with minimal risk.

Weather-resistant: For places like Florida, metal roofs are the best choice for building protection against heavy rainfall, hail, wind, or snow. Nothing holds up to a massive amount of moisture the way a metal roof does, preventing leakages and headaches for the facility manager. It has a structure that helps in reflecting the heat. It acts as an insulator to buildings and shows a shielding effect. Shingles or any other roof absorbs and retains more heat than metal roofing.

Metal roof trim: One of the most important components of a metal roof is the trims. Properly installed metal roof trims bring the job together and keep critical areas of the metal roof system dry. Metal roofs rarely fail out in the middle of the metal roof panel. They always begin leaking around metal trims. Proper trimming and installation prevent leakage problems and increases Lifespan.

High economic efficiency: Price isn't everything, but it is important, especially when you are trying to determine which type of roofing is right. There is a big disparity in cost when compared to asphalt shingles, but a metal roof lasts anywhere 2-4 times longer than a shingle roof. This makes a metal roof more beneficial to your pocket immediately.

Ownership: Metal roofing will give you a return on your investment if you remain a commercial building owner long term. In addition, metal roofs are environmentally friendly, recyclable, aesthetic, and are best suited for commercial purposes. Feel free to contact us if you need more help in deciding.

Reasons for choosing us

Sometimes people are reluctant when it comes to metal roofing. It is usually due to a lack of ample knowledge in the area. Installation is one of the foundational steps which determine the life of your metal roof. And some roofer never pays heed to that.

However, it is not the case with us. Our professionals are not only certified but are experienced and equipped with the required skills. We are aware of how crucial a roofing system could be, especially for a commercial building.

Installation: Proper installation is needed to get the most out of your metal roofing. You have to be certain that your roof is tested to withstand nature as well as time. Our company never takes customers for granted. If you do not get full satisfaction with our job, we will happily come back look into the issue.

Guarantee and Warranty: Along with the best installation and service, our company has a price-match guarantee. We offer quality workmanship at fair prices. That’s the reason our customers never go back to the traditional asphalt shingles. We also take no shortcuts in the coating process, ensuring a premium finish, and that is reflected in our products and warranties.

Customization: A metal roofing project’s success largely depends on using the right type or style of metal roofing in the right application. Our company offers even more Customization by making a roof exactly the way the customer wants. Our expert metal roofers will guide you through your options and help you make a final decision based on your vision for the new roof.

Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. We always prefer to set an affordable budget and get your project done on time.

Time to Replace Your Roof? We Can Help

Considering roofing replacement? When it comes to roofing projects, many homeowners rely on professionals to get the job done. At Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors, our specialists stick to all the industry standards when installing metal roofing on both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a sturdy roof on top of your house. As a result, you can get the best services from our company in the following fields;

What Locations do we Serve?

Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors is a name you can trust and rely on. Our metal roofing services were limited in Boca Raton, FL when we started. But with time our company has expanded and is now serving over ten locations within Florida.

It shows how reliable we are. Here are some places within Florida, where you can access our world-class metal roofing services: –

Want to know more? 

If you need deeper insights or have any specific questions, never hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to serve you. 

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