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Roofing systems have evolved dramatically in the past years. People have come a long way from asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete roofing, and clay tiles. Although traditional roofing systems were attractive and offered decent protection, it was just not enough. And then came the Metal roofing systems. These days people prefer metal roofs over any other roofing systems because of several logical reasons. If you’re in Boca Raton, you would know how unpredictable and harsh mother nature can be.

It’s the reason why people always thought of something more dependable and revolutionary. And metal roofs seem to offer everything a person can expect from a roof and so much more. People here in Boca Raton are developing rapidly and looking for better roofing solutions. If you’re one of them and want a metal roof for your house or building, please reach out to us at Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors.

With an exceptional industry experience of over ten years in the metal roofing field, you can expect the best from us. Our services range from metal roof repair, replacement, and installation. So, call us now and ask for what you need.

Is a metal roofing system worth it?

Are you skeptical about metal roofs? Well, it’s pretty common and justified too. But let’s tell you that metal roofs have everything you need or desire. Here are some points to help you conclude why metal roofs are worth your investment: –

Amazing Durability: Strike off those old roofing systems if you want great durability. Maybe, earlier variants of metal roofs were not that durable, but the present ones are. Compare it to any other roofing materials; metal roofing systems are going to outlast them.

With unique designs, various coatings, metal roofs are the most durable roofing solution. Some common examples may include corrugated metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs, or Stone-coated metal roofing systems. Such roofing systems stand strong during heavy rains, strong winds, storms, and even hail. So, you can expect unmatchable durability from this roofing system.

A Long, long… life: If you don't like replacing roofs every 15-20 years, just like in the case of asphalt roofs, you should consider metal roofs. The durability and its ability to resist natural elements offer a very long life to metal roofs. With decent maintenance and repairs, you can forget the hassle of replacing the metal roof for about fifty years to come. And sometimes even more. It depends on the kind of metal roofing material you chose and the metal roofer you hire for installation.

Yes, life depends on how well the roof is installed. Call the Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors now and enjoy the best metal roofing experience in Boca Raton.

Your Favorite Design Options: Don't think of metal roofs as some sort of tin covering barns or shed in the countryside. It's not the case with metal roofs now!

With the recent enhancements and upgrades, metal roofs are available in an eye-catching and very attractive design. If you can't get over those asphalt roof or clay tiles, don't worry. You can get that with metal roofs, which come with way better durability and significantly longer life.

Easy Maintenance & Long-Term Investment: If you're tired of repairing your asphalt roofs after every few years, metal roofs can offer you a great sigh of relief. Metal roofs require very little maintenance as compared to other roofing alternatives. You need not replace or repair your metal roof as frequently as in the case of asphalt roofs. So, it's a pretty hassle-free method. Also, you're going to save a lot of money in the long run by not wasting your money, replacing the roof every few years.

Very Less Noisy, Fire & Lightning resistant: People have a misconception that metal roofs are very noisy. But that's not entirely true. A common metal roofing system is as noisy as an asphalt roof. So, you don't have to worry much about the sound during the rain. It also depends on how well the roof is installed. If there is enough insulation beneath the roof, the sound won't reach your ear. Also, metal roofs are fire & lightning resistant, which makes it an even better option for roofing in Boca Raton.

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All of the above benefits which metal roofs come with indicate nothing but how good metal roofs can be. And, it’s not only true for commercial purposes but residential too. Please reach out to us at Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors if you’re interested. 

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Locations We Serve 

If a company’s expanding, it simply indicates its success and good quality services. The same is the case with us. Initially, we began by serving people here in Boca Raton. After serving its residents tirelessly with our supreme metal roofing services, we now serve more than ten locations. Yes, it’s true.

If you live in any of the given locations or nearby, you can get your hands on the best metal roofing services in Florida. Here are some locations we serve: – 

Storm season is on the loose; do you want to ensure your roof’s safety?

Whether your roof will survive this storm season or not is a big doubt, which is pretty common among people here in Boca Raton. And we understand the importance of this situation. If you want to ensure your roof’s safety before rains or storms arrive, you can count on us.

You can avail of a free roof inspection from our professional. Yes, it’s free, and you’re not going to pay a penny. Our inspection expert will reach your place in no time and will examine your roof inch by inch for any issues. If issues are not found, it’s great. But if issues are found, it’s not bad either. It’s because you can get it repaired by our company in no time. So, whatever the case, maybe you’re safe and will be advised appropriately. So, call now to book a free metal roof inspection.

Why choose us

Making choices is quite hard, especially when it involves your property, isn’t itPeople tend to make mistakes while choosing someone reliable and end up messing the situation. So, if you want to make a good decision while choosing a metal roofer for your roof, put in some research. Or you can choose what people here in Boca Raton prefer over others, i.e., Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair. We’re a full-service metal roofing company having ample metal roofing experience.

People here in Boca Raton love us and always refer to us for metal roofing services for several reasons. Here is why people love us and why you should choose us: –

You get experienced professionals for metal roofing projects: we know how crucial roofing is for anyone. It's the reason we always hire experienced professionals who are certified and licensed to perform every metal roofing job with perfection.

And with experience comes wisdom. So, if you want a perfect installation or metal roofing experience which lasts for a long, call us now!

You get a warranty with services: A warranty is like a fallback plan. What happens if, without any reason, your roof collapses or any other issue occurs? No, you don't lose money. If you avail of any of the metal roofing services from us, you get easy to avail of a warranty from us.

It will always help you in an extraordinary situation. However, the cases when you can redeem your warranty are different. So, call now to know more and avail the best services.

You get a Free Roof Inspection and Free Quotes: It's one of the most important reasons why people here in Boca Raton love us. You can avail of a free roof inspection to ensure your roof's safety in no time. In case some issues are found, you can call our professionals and ask about the same.

It will help you turn your roof back into the ideal condition where it can survive the next stormy season effectively. If you want free quotes or estimates for the services you want to avail of, you can get that for free. So, call now and enjoy the benefits.

Time to Replace Your Roof? We Can Help

Considering roofing replacement? When it comes to roofing projects, many homeowners rely on professionals to get the job done. At Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors, our specialists stick to all the industry standards when installing metal roofing on both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a sturdy roof on top of your house. As a result, you can get the best services from our company in the following fields;

What Locations do we Serve?

Boca Raton Metal Roof Installation & Repair Contractors is a name you can trust and rely on. Our metal roofing services were limited in Boca Raton, FL when we started. But with time our company has expanded and is now serving over ten locations within Florida.

It shows how reliable we are. Here are some places within Florida, where you can access our world-class metal roofing services: –

Contact now!

The list of benefits you get after choosing us is very long. The bottom line is you’re going to get an unforgettable metal roofing experience with us. If that is what you’re looking for, please call now!